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Aliens and Spirits Channeled



Spirit Guides

Higher Self

Angels of 12

Oneness - Higher spirit Energies

Carian Eagle being - mendelssohn

Ceasar - Future human

Redmond - Sirian

( Answer all Subject Matters)


Essassani - Nieman -

(Answer all Subject Matters)


Zeta Grey - J-Rod

(All Energies - government Matters)


Tall Blonde - Nathaniel

(Government Information)


Reptilain From Another Dimension - Sha


Annunaki - Zed


Reptilain Draco - Novac - 


Vestpod Reptilian - Elvis


Yahyel - Scion 


Arcturian - I Am 


Orion Council - Munic


Blue Pleadian - Ishta 

(Galactic Federation Of Light)


Lyran - Lance


Gorilla - Midas


Andromedan - Kia


Mantis - Kermit


Spirit Guides 




Prime Creator